Sulmona Pictures

Sometimes, in a fancy restaurant, they’ll serve you a little something in between courses to cleanse the palette. Sometimes, in a fancy Web log, they’ll serve you a little something in between posts to cleanse the palette.

I just remembered that I have some swell pictures for you from Sulmona. Perhaps I should have included them in the original posts. Perhaps not. Perhaps we should all be thankful for what we have.

Here’s a little view of a small part of Piazza Garibaldi. Note the Roman aqueduct.

Further aqueduct glory

The Piazza Garibaldi, and the mountains.

A couple.


Blue: Sulmona, part IV

Whoa! Thought I had posted this a long time ago, but it was in my ‘drafts’ folder. Let me just finish this up and get it out there for you. Sorry about that.

All right, everyone. We’re now near the end of this tale. I don’t know if this is going to be the last part, or if I can stretch it out for another post, or what. In any event, though, this is exciting stuff, here.

When last we saw our hero, he had secured the assistance of about half of Old Sulmona in his quest for Vico Mozzo, and had at last found a set of directions that showed great promise. We now find him and his invaluable (albeit disappointingly named) guide, Mike, sauntering boldly the pavement (all right, cobblestones) — focussed, determined. His only enemy? That destroyer, Time. The 20h10 departure, inarguable and unforgiving, looms, determining his gait and infiltrating his thoughts. Continue reading ‘Blue: Sulmona, part IV’

I dig this photo thing

It’s just so much easier to put up a couple of photos, y ya. Nada más.

What do we have today? A nice selection from Valencia, plus a bonus photo of an extraordinary stack of pancakes that I made. You’ll enjoy all of it, I’m sure.

You must understand that this is a beach. People swim here, you see. It’s still 33 degrees Centigrade here, you see.

I designed these buildings last year. Nice to see my work come to fruition.

A boardwalk in October.

More of my architectural genius. This photo shall also serve as an introduction to my dude Obi.

It’s hard for me to even look at this photo. Pancakes are such beautiful things. Heartbreaking.

A sad audience

So, listen. I know I’ve been derelict in my duties. The public cries for more. I regret that I cannot satisfy the colossal wishes of an anxious populace. However, know that I have been exceedingly busy of late, and it is only because of a surfeit of obligations that I have not been more consistent in my publications and detailed in my descriptions. And todavía hay más; tomorrow is going to be another busy day. Know that Thursday should bring a slight rest from the whirlwind life that has engulfed me these past few days. Know that on Thursday I do solemnly swear to drop mad knowledge about my eminently gangster lifestyle.

Know that the current cheese count is at 16 different types. And that’s after I had to throw out the requesón, on which had grown a bit too much mold for my comfort. I went into Poncelet (I know I’ve been lax in my Web logging because I have yet to mention Poncelet, the magnificent quesería which I have visited thrice in the past eight days.) today and bought two cheeses without even trying them first, because I was in a big old hurry. It’s called an addiction. A full cheese rundown is to come — patience, friends. I also have more pictures to share with all of you! You know what, here are a couple now, as a quick token of my appreciation.

The one with the pots is from the place we stopped on the way to Valencia


The one with the little guy is from Valencia itself.

I guess I should put up some pictures

One of the most important parts of any good navel-gazing travel Web log (there should be commas after “good,” “navel-gazing,” and/or “travel,” no? You could even argue that “Web” is modifying the noun (“log”). But you’d be wrong. In any event, I don’t like putting in those commas, so I shall not do.) is posting photos from the journey. I’ve been lax in my recent posting because of a trip to Valencia. To make up for my failings, here are a few pictures from my first month in Spain. Also, I’m listening to Odessey and Oracle right now. Get used to more mundane details, as they’re going to be a fixture of future posts.

A brownie that I made

This one’s a photo of a bunch of IES kids walking toward the castle we stopped at for desayuno on the way to Valencia. It’s called “The Loathsome Horde.”

A building

This could also be called a building, I suppose

Bad news

Turns out the ice cream I bought the other day is not very good at all. This is a crushing blow to my spirits. I don’t know how much longer I can resist spending the equivalent of $10 on a half-liter of Häagen-Dazs. The other bad news is that the avocados weren’t 1,49 euro per kg, but rather 1,49 euro per bag of four. Not too bad, but not quite as good a deal as I thought, especially since they were, as I mentioned, pretty small.

On the Danish-cookies front, I finished my tin and am now seriously regretting not having bought another one the other day. This is the last time my room shall be without Danish butter cookies. Of this I am certain. I’m also running low on Nutella, but that situation is not yet urgent. Fortunately, I am in possession of a 500g emergency supply of 74% cacao dark chocolate. This is called a security blanket.

La comida se hace la cena

So I got back from class at around 3:30 today, but I didn’t start making dinner until almost six, because I was doing lots of cool stuff, like reading about restaurants and looking up pecan pie recipes. What you’re wondering now, of course, is What the heck did you make for dinner?

Glad you asked. I’m going to go ahead and give you my original recipe, just because I feel sporting this evening, and I don’t want to do my homework. Continue reading ‘La comida se hace la cena’